Anonymous asked: What's your sisters tumblr? I used to follow her newstitches account but didn't get to catch up when she changes names. Just wondering!

She doesn’t use tumblr anymore.

posted 5 hours ago

Things are going pretty well for me lately.

  • An old man found a $20 bill on the counter at work and told me to keep it. I told him I feel too guilty doing that and he said some funny prayer (totally non-religious) ridding me of guilt and sin and made sure I didn’t feel bad about keeping it since I don’t make tips as a cashier.
  • I heard some more good news from my internship! :D
  • I have an interview on Friday at H&M
  • I had a great time with Alexis this weekend
  • I’m kind of excited about classes starting next week.

American Football x AV Club (at The Onion)
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A line of roses lines the street where Michael Brown was shot
Anonymous asked: what are you majoring in?

music business/ live & performing arts w/ a minor in pr

posted 4 days ago
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why do pop punk bands think they need like 6 opening bands. why? do you guys travel in packs? more people to chip in to order pizza? are you ALL getting out of this town???